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The Difference Between a Custodian and a Janitor

Why a Janitorial Service is More Efficient Than a Custodial Service.

Every business owner should think about whether their commercial property needs a janitor or a custodian. Many people don’t think there is a great difference between the two, but frankly, there is. A janitorial service will provide business owners with a general cleaning service inside and outside of the building. This will include a carpet cleaning service, dusting, sweeping, emptying trash cans and recycling boxes, in addition to window cleaning and floor washing. Many janitorial service companies focus on carpet cleaning and floor waxing.

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How to Choose the Janitorial Service that Best Suits Your Needs.

What’s the Secret of Hiring an Exceptional Office Cleaning Service Provider?

Finding a true janitorial service provider is not an easy task. Many companies offer such services but only a few of them are as good as they say. So, the obvious question is how to screen all commercial janitorial services in your region and find the one that’s right for your business. Simple, follow the guidelines below.

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Why Commercial Janitorial Services Are a Must For Every Business.

The Benefits of Hiring Reliable Commercial Janitorial Services.

The cleanliness of your office defines the reliability of your firm. The appearance of your working place is the first thing every prospective employee, supplier, client or customer, notices when first enters your office. Depending on the tidiness and cleanliness of your working environment, they may decide to build trust on your firm or not. But a clean and organized work environment offers more than just a good impression, it also provides a safe and enjoyable work experience for all your employees.

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