What Can a Janitor Do for Your Office?

The Main Tasks of a Janitorial Company

Reliable Management Systems is a company that provides service of outstanding service to each customer. We are dedicated to offering a professional service, which is why we have put together this informative article. Here, you can read more about the main occupational tasks of a janitorial company.

Janitors are the professionals who take care of hospitals, schools, residential accommodations, office buildings and the like. Janitors can be relied upon for various tasks, from cleaning and maintenance to security.

509643013Although the janitor’s work can involve outdoor activities, the usual duties are mostly taking place indoors. Outdoor tasks vary, from lawn mowing or snow shoveling to walkway sweeping and more.

A janitorial company usually comes for the cleaning of office buildings when they are empty. Most of the work is done during the evening, and that could often include restocking bathrooms and toilets, as well as cleaning. Depending on the building, it may also involve sweeping, mopping, buffing, and scrubbing for floor polishing. Janitors are often responsible for the cleaning of steel surfaces, tables, mirrors, and carpets. Also, they are often asked to clean air-conditioning vents and garbage bins.

The work of the janitor is what makes a building feel so hospitable and well-maintained. A real professional will make sure to take care of everything, from the locking and unlocking of the building to sanitation and spot cleaning. Although this happens rarely, a janitor can be tasked to deliver, arrange, and move equipment.

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