The Difference Between a Custodian and a Janitor

Why a Janitorial Service is More Efficient Than a Custodial Service.

Every business owner should think about whether their commercial property needs a janitor or a custodian. Many people don’t think there is a great difference between the two, but frankly, there is. A janitorial service will provide business owners with a general cleaning service inside and outside of the building. This will include a carpet cleaning service, dusting, sweeping, emptying trash cans and recycling boxes, in addition to window cleaning and floor washing. Many janitorial service companies focus on carpet cleaning and floor waxing.

Carpet CleanerIn contrast to janitorial companies, custodians are oriented more towards the complete maintenance of a commercial property. They will provide office buildings with a janitorial service, but will also offer repair services, and building maintenance. Custodial companies in Grand Rapids, MI, may also partner up with other vendors that offer repair services they don’t. For instance, an electrical contractor may be a partner with a custodial company, and provide services for their clients.

A janitorial company is typically more preferred by business owners. It is more efficient to hire a carpet cleaning company, that offers a wide range of janitorial services, then a custodian to maintain the whole property. Hiring a janitorial company will provide you with the regular floor and carpet cleaning service that every commercial property needs, in addition to other useful services. You will not have to worry about paying additional salaries for maintenance, when you don’t need it. Most carpet cleaning companies will sign a contract that will provide business owners with regular cleaning, such as weekly or bi-weekly services. Custodial companies are not cost-effective for business owners who don’t need the additional building maintenance.

It can be a difficult task to find a dependable janitorial company. The most important thing to look for, is an experienced and professional crew, that works efficiently and quickly. If you would like to hire such dedicated professionals, contact Reliable Management Systems.